Pineapple for Xcode

Open-source extension for Xcode that enhances development on Apple platforms with OpenAI’s ChatGPT functionalities.

Generate Document Refactor
Generate Document Refactor

Getting Started


Make sure you are using Xcode Version 14.3 (14E222b) or newer. The project is Xcode 14.0-compatible.

The macOS App requires macOS 13.3+


  1. Clone this Repository
  2. Open the Xcode Project, go to the Project Targets, and update the Signing & Capabilities with your own Bundle Identifier.
  3. you shouldn’t need a Provisioning Profile to run the extension locally.
  4. Make sure you run the Pineapple for Xcode macOS target first, and add your OpenAI API Key
  5. To debug the extension, run the Pineapple extension target, and a new instance of Xcode will open with the extension enabled.


Refer to our Docs to learn how to use this extension.

⚠️ If the Pineapple menu is grayed out in Xcode Editor Menu after installing the extension. Quit (cmd+Q) and Reopen Xcode.


Mac App UI

  • Add/Remove OpenAPI Key
  • Store API Key securely with Apple’s Keychain
  • Add GPT customizations (Model, Max Tokens, Temperature, etc)
  • Add a loading state while executing a command

Xcode Commands

  • Refactor Selected Code
  • Shorten Selected Code
  • Generate Code from current single-line comment
  • Generate Code from selected multi-line comments
  • Document Selected Code
  • Find Potential Bugs in Selected Code
  • Fully Support Swift, SwiftUI, Obj-C, Obj-C++, C, C++


Any contributions you make will benefit everybody else and are greatly appreciated ?.

Please try to create bug reports that are:

Reproducible. Include steps to reproduce the problem. Specific. Include as much detail as possible: which version, what environment, etc. Unique. Do not duplicate existing opened issues. Scoped to a Single Bug. One bug per report. Please adhere to this project’s code of conduct.


Reach out to us at one of the following places:


This project is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license.

See LICENSE for more information.


Thanks for dec0dOS for the README template.


The Pineapple logo, and Dhamova logo are a registered trademark of Dhamova Innovations Inc.


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