OpenAI AsyncImage SwiftUI

SwiftUI view that asynchronously loads and displays an OpenAI image from open API


  • Multiplatform iOS and macOS
  • Customizable in term of SwiftUI Image specs [renderingMode, resizable, antialiased…]
  • Customizable in term of the transport layer [Loader]
  • Based on interfaces not implementations

OpenAI AsyncImage SwiftUI

How to use

1. Get your API key from OpenAI

Where do I find my Secret API Key?

2. Override the default loader at Environment with you apiKey

@Environment(\.openAIDefaultLoader) var loader : OpenAIDefaultLoader

let apiKey = "*******************"
let endpoint = OpenAIImageEndpoint.get(with: apiKey)
let loader = OpenAIDefaultLoader(endpoint: endpoint)

        .environment(\.openAIDefaultLoader, loader)

3. Add OpenAIAsyncImage to your code

OpenAIAsyncImage(prompt: .constant("sun"))
               .frame(width: 125, height: 125)

or with custom ViewBuilder

OpenAIAsyncImage(prompt: $imageText, size: .dpi1024){ state in
    switch state{
        case .loaded(let image) :
        case .loadError(let error) : Text(error.localizedDescription)
        case .loading : ProgressView()
Param Description
prompt A text description of the desired image(s). The maximum length is 1000 characters
size The size of the generated images. Must be one of 256×256, 512×512, or 1024×1024
tpl Custom view builder tpl
loader Custom loader if you need something specific


  • You need to have Xcode 13 installed in order to have access to Documentation Compiler (DocC)
  • Go to Product > Build Documentation or โŒƒโ‡งโŒ˜ D

SwiftUI example for the package

OpenAI AsyncImage SwiftUI example


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