Progressive Blur

In iOS 12, Apple added _UIProgressiveBlurPresentationController to UIKit. I noticed it a while back but had no idea how to implement it, lol. Recently, after learning how modal presentations work, I realized I would be able to finally see what this is. While grabbing a header for it, I happened to find that it’s used in TVMLKit, which would explain why the animation is so fancy.

The transition delegate, _UIProgressiveBlurContextController, is all you need. It has a property/ivar called blurStyle. It seems to have values up to 2. I suspect the type is something like:

  • .default (which appears to be 1)
  • .light
  • .dark

I highly suggest switching device appearance to not match the blur style to see how the effect works.

For further research, delve into runtime headers for the four _UIProgressiveBlur headers or check out TVMLKit’s TVModalPresenter.



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