Smart Farmer is a crop live data viewer and controller iOS application that could be used by any farmer to control any type of crop.


1- Location services: The app uses location services to get the temperature of an accurate location of the crop.

2- SignUP / Login: The application is connected to Firebase as its database, and the user must sign up or log in if he has already an account to access the data and control the sensors.

3- Live data preview: Users can add orders to their cart with a single tap after adding their names, providing a seamless ordering experience.

4- Charts: The application preview live data from the sensors in the crop and show them directly on a chart.

5- Notifications: The application notifies the user if the crop needs to be watered or if the temperature is high to let the user water the crop more than one time that day.

6- Sensors control: The application gives the user the ability to control each sensor in the crop.

7- sensor details: The application can show the used sensors in the crop and give the details of each one of them.

8- Application Theme: The user can choose the theme of the application whether Dark or Light mode.


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The copyrights of this application belong to me and this application is fully designed and developed by me.


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