Panic Penguin Escape From Avalanche

Panic Penguin is a 3D iOS game built using SceneKit. The player takes control of a penguin sliding down a mountain trying not to be caught by an avalanche. Available on App Store here.

The Game

Panic Penguin Escape From Avalanche is an exciting endless runner where you play as a penguin sliding down a beautiful snowy mountain.

  • Beautiful 3D Landscape

  • Control either by touch or motion

  • Dodge obstacles such as rocks, logs and tree stumps

  • Eat yellow fish to collect points

  • Eat blue fish to go faster

  • Do not get hit, or else the avalanche catches up to you!

  • See your friends scores in the leaderboard! (GameCenter Required)


The game let you decide between 2 control options: using touch or motion.


Hold on either side of the screen to move the penguin in that direction.


Tilt your phone to the sides to slide the penguin and avoid the obstacles.



Use SwiftLint to write source code for this repository. Lint rules are described in .swiftlint.yml. To install it with brew, run:

brew install swiftlint

The Project

This was the first game developed by all 5 team members during a project in the Apple Developer Academy – Campinas, Brazil. The 3D assets were built using Blender and all of the game implementation was native implemented using Apple’s SceneKit.


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