Pomodoro is a macOS status bar application which allows you to control your work and break time.

Through this application you will be able to control your work and break time. It features two modes:

  1. Pomodoro, 25 minutes working and 5 minutes to take a break
  2. Double Pomodoro, 50 minutes working and 10 minutes to take a break

Once started and selected one mode, the application will automatically tell you when it is time to take a break and to work. Scheduling your time in this way will increase your productivity, it worked for me ?

Downolad and Run

To download the app you have to click on Releases, be sure to pick the last one (marked as lastest) and the click on Pomodoro.app.zip. Once downloaded, go to the Downloads directory in your computer and right click on the Pomodoro, then click open. You have to do these steps since I did not purchased yet the developer certificate by Apple which costs 100$/year.


The application looks like this on the stauts bar, it is minimal and easy to use.


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