PopupWindow is a simple Popup using another UIWindow in Swift.



  • PopupWindow can be displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.
  • Popup can set margins, cornerRadius, blur, etc.
  • When displaying blur, you can't touch the below contents.
  • By erasing blur, you can touch the below contents.
  • Popup are displayed on another window, so you can leave Popup even when screen transitions.
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Add PopupWindow to your Podfile:

pod 'PopupWindow'


Add PopupWindow to your Cartfile:

github "shin8484/PopupWindow"


When displaying popup in another window, please call first PopupWindowManager changeKeyWindow(rootViewController: UIViewController)

PopupWindowManager.shared.changeKeyWindow(rootViewController: UIViewController())

Create and show show

Create a PopupItem in the ViewController where you want to display the popup and call the method of BasePopupViewController

let popupOption = PopupOption(shapeType: .roundedCornerTop(cornerSize: 8), viewType: .toast, direction: .bottom)
let popupItem = PopupItem(view: loginView,
                          height: Const.firstViewFrame.height,
                          maxWidth: 500,
                          popupOption: popupOption)

First popup implementation is included in BasePopupViewController's loadView, viewDidAppear.
If you want to create the next popup, please call showPopupView().

class SampleViewController: BasePopupViewController {
    override open func loadView() {

    override open func viewDidAppear(_ animated: Bool) {
        makePopupView(with: item)
        showPopupView(duration: item.duration, curve: .easeInOut, delayFactor: 0.0)

Transform & Replace

Replace the display contents, and perform deformation to the specified size.
By using PopupItem, you can specify content contents and size.

transformPopupView(duration: Const.transformDuration, curve: .easeInOut, popupItem: popupItem) { [weak self] _ in
    guard let me = self else { return }
    me.replacePopupView(with: popupItem)
    me.dismissPopupView(duration: 3.3, curve: .easeInOut, delayFactor: 0.9, direction: .top) { _ in }


Specify hide animation direction with PopupViewDirection

dismissPopupView(duration: 3.3, curve: .easeInOut, delayFactor: 0.9, direction: .bottom) { _ in
    PopupWindowManager.shared.changeKeyWindow(rootViewController: nil)


PopupItem and PopupOption are struct to set up a popup, View, size, direction, whether it is rounded, margin, blurred or not, duration, maxWidth, type

public struct PopupItem {
    public let view: UIView
    public let height: CGFloat
    public let maxWidth: CGFloat
    public let landscapeSize: CGSize?
    public let popupOption: PopupOption
public struct PopupOption {
    public let shapeType: ShapeType
    public let viewType: ViewType
    public let direction: PopupViewDirection
    public let margin: CGFloat
    public let hasBlur: Bool
    public let duration: TimeInterval
    public let canTapDismiss: Bool



By setting maxWidth with popupitem's initializer, you can set the maximum width of the popup in landscape mode.



You can set popup size at landscape.
The size changes only when landscape size is set, and the default is nil.
Using landscapeSize and SizeClass, you can customize PopupVIew that has the widest width like GIF below when rotating.



  • iOS 10.0+
  • Xcode 9.1+
  • Swift 3.0.1+