Market App – SwiftUI

A marketplace app that pulls and displays various products from a crafted service

I developed the project based on clean architecture and with SwiftUI.


In-App screenshots with background

Used Technologies

Native iOS SwiftUI, URLSession

Firebase: Remote Config, Push Notifications, Events

3rd Party Libraries Kingfisher

Run it

Clone the project

  git clone

Open in Xcode and “File” -> “Packages” -> “Reset Package Caches” and “run”.

Desired features of the project

  • Technologies that we want to be made mandatory in the projects and that we expect you to use:

      - The project will be written on the basis of an MVVM.
      - The code was designed in accordance with localization.
      - The project will be written on the basis of an Android Architecture MVVM, Viper etc.
      - The use and integration of the Firebase library is required.
      - SOLID principles must be adhered to.

Base resource I used during development ❤️

Support and Feedback

If you want to support me or give any feedback, please contact me at [email protected] or Twitter.


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