This includes the layout and composition of the main screens such as the channel list (contacts), select user and chats (conversations) designed and prototyped with SwiftUI. Additionally there are several SwiftUI animations along with interaction styles in the XCode project.

Animated Message Reactions

Check the tutorials (blog post and video) for this project

  1. Stream blog
  2. Medium
  3. YouTube

Main Screens

  1. Channel List (contacts)
  2. Select User
  3. Conversations (outgoing and incoming messages)


  1. No message animation (start conversation)
  2. Typing indicators (7 variants with combination of opacity, scale and position)
  3. Loading and splash screen animations
  4. Clapping Hands animated emoji
  5. Revolving Hearts animated emoji
  6. Reactions animation (Spring Animation)

Interaction Styles

  1. Tap and hold to reveal context menus
  2. Scroll messages
  3. Reveal reactions with longpress
    1. Pull to refresh

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