NavigationTransitions is a library that integrates seamlessly with SwiftUI’s Navigation views, allowing complete customization over push and pop transitions!

The library is fully compatible with:

  • NavigationView (iOS 13+)
  • NavigationStack & NavigationSplitView (iOS 16)


As opposed reinventing entire navigation components in order to customize its transitions, NavigationTransitions ships as a simple set of 2 modifiers that can be applied directly to SwiftUI’s very own first-party navigation components.

The Basics

iOS 13+

NavigationView {
  // ...

NavigationView {
  // ...
.navigationViewColumnTransition(.slide, forColumns: .all)

iOS 16

NavigationStack {
  // ...

NavigationSplitView {
  // ...
.navigationSplitViewTransition(.slide, forColumns: .all)


The library ships with some standard transitions out of the box:

In addition to these, you can create fully custom transitions in just a few lines of code with the following:

The Demo app showcases some of these transitions in action.


A sweet additional feature is the ability to override the behavior of the pop gesture on the navigation view:

.navigationViewStackTransition(.slide, interactivity: .pan) // full-pan screen gestures!

This even works to override its behavior while maintaining the default system transition in iOS:

.navigationViewStackTransition(.default, interactivity: .pan) //


The repository contains documentation covering how to set up your own custom transitions.


Feel free to post questions, ideas, or any cool transitions you build in the Discussions section!

I sincerely hope you enjoy using this library as much as I enjoyed building it ❤️


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