Upload your app to the App Store using Swift.


Import this into your Swish scripts so you can swish appstore whenever you would like to deploy.

In your Swish’s Package.swift

  dependencies: [
  .package(url: "https://github.com/FullQueueDeveloper/SwishAppStore.git", from: "0.1.0"),
  // ...
  targets: [
    .executableTarget(name: "appstore", dependencies: ["SwishAppStore"]),
    // ...

And the main.swift in your appstore target might look like this.

import SwishAppStore

guard let appleTeamID = ProcessInfo.processInfo.environment["APPLE_TEAM_ID"],
  let apploaderUsername = ProcessInfo.processInfo.environment["APPLOADER_USERNAME"],
  let apploaderPassword = ProcessInfo.processInfo.environment["APPLOADER_USERNAME"]
else {
  fatalError("Secrets missing")

let appStore = try AppStore(project: "MyProject.xcodeproj", scheme: "MyScheme")
try appStore.build(appleTeamID: appleTeamID)
try appStore.upload(credential: LiteralPasswordCredential(username: apploaderUsername, password: apploaderPassword))

This approach empowers you to store your secrets in the environment, or use Sh1Password to fetch secrets from 1Password.

Next steps

This package is super tiny. If your needs are more specific, you can easily copy the contents of the script into your own Swish scripts, and easily customize with the exact variations you requrie.


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