Reciplease is an iOS app used to give recipes to user according to a list of ingredient. The user can save some recipe (add to a favorite section) to retrieve them later.

App screenshots


Empty ingredient list Home with a few ingredients

Recipe list

Favorite recipes list

Empty list List with one favorite

Detailed recipe

Favorite recipe Not favorite recipe

Technical constraints

The application must respect the following constraints:

  • Available only on iPhone
  • Available on all version of iOS from iOS 13
  • Supports Portrait orientation
  • Supports all iPhone sizes from iPhone SE to iPhone 13 Pro Max
  • Contains unit tests
  • Use Alamofire, CoreData and a Package Manager

Skills to be developed during this project

  • Use the delegate pattern
  • Save data with an ORM
  • Respect the standard security rules
  • Respect the green code
  • Add accessibility
  • Manage the Table View
  • Use an open source library


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