RecycPal is your pal for creating a more sustainable world! RecycPal uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to help you identify what can be or cannot be recycled.

Meet the Team

  • Ashley Hart (ML, Backend)
  • Denielle Abaquita (iOS Frontend)
  • Justin Esguerra (ML, Backend)
  • Jon Abrigo (iOS Frontend)


What We Learned


History Tab

History Tab Main Previous Picture

The purpose of this tab is to let the user see the pictures they have taken in the past. At the top of this tab will be a cell that leads to finding the nearest recycling center for easy access to this important feature.

Each cell in this section will lead to a previously taken picture by the user and will be labeled with the date the user took the picture.

Camera Tab

Pointing the Camera Picture Taken

The purpose of this tab is to take a picture of the user’s surroundings to identify any recyclable objects in the frame. Each picture will be automatically saved into the user’s history.

After the user takes a picture, the application will perform some machine learning algorithms in the backend to identify any objects in the picture. The user will then see the object highlighted and labeled within the picture.

Afterwards, the user has the option to take another picture.

Information Tab

Information Tab More Info on Paper

The purpose of this tab is to provide the user information on the nearest recycling centers and the best recycling practices based on the materials.

In this case, we have paper, plastic, and metal materials. We will also include non-recyclables and how to deal with them.


Machine Learning



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