?RestaurantApp on SwiftUI

 Restaurant food order app on SwiftUI + MVVM. Swift 5. Xcode 13.4. iOS 15.

? Screenshots


? Technologies:

  • Firebase Authentication
  • Firebase Realtime Database
  • Firebase Storage
  • Firestore Database
  • Facebook Authentication
  • MapKit
  • Core Data

? Features:

  • Restaurant menu:
    • show top discount section with infinite scroll by timer
    • with show/hide dishes in categories
    • dish can be added to favorite list (appears when dish added and dissappears when all dishes removed from list)
    • dish can be added to cart
  • Map:
    • display map with pin
  • Account profile:
    • register user by email-password or Facebook
    • user can upload photo to profile
    • user can set and change profile information: name, birth date, phone number, password, email (integrated with Firestore Database)
    • Cart:
    • user can change amount of dishes or remove all of it
  • Order process:
    • if user is registered in app all information fill fields
    • user can choose take away or delivery
    • if user selects delivery, address field is displayed (required for order)
    • user can select time for delivery or ready to take away
    • order button sends information about order to Database
    • simple app written in Python sends email with order

Images and menu text from DeGusto


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