Swift Rick & Morty App

Full featured universal (iOS, macOS, iPadOS) app showcasing the Rick and Morty API.

Rick & Morty App: iOS


  • Written in Swift
  • Uses both UIKit and SwiftUI
  • Designed with MVVM pattern
  • No External Dependencies
  • Pagination Support for data
  • Auto layout Based
  • Universal App: Run on iPhone, iPad, and Mac
  • Built in Xcode 14
  • Leverages free Rick & Morty API


The app has five key area that we will build out step-by-step

  1. Characters
  2. Locations
  3. Episodes
  4. Settings
  5. Search

As we build each section of the project, you’ll learn about proper design practices, trade off making, separation of concerns, and more. Moreover, you’ll see how you can build and deploy an app on multiple platforms (mac, iOS, iPadOS).

Testing & Notes

  • soon


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