Roll Marbles into set positions on screen

Paul Hudson Hacking with Swift – project 26 – Took most of the code and created my own spin on it.

Simulator Screen Shot - iPad mini (6th generation) - 2021-12-11 at 07 00 07

First, I changed all the walls to silver balls (multiple balls on screen, I can collide with vortex but i cant create a collision with vortex (freeze ball over vortex)

Second, several Vortex become a Smiley Face Picture

Third, Player is red ball that can freeze ball over vortex and create new player.

Items im working on,

finish – when all vortex are covered game is over, new level/picture

gesture recognizer shake – when user shakes ipad marbles will unfreeze from vortex and free move again

new levels/pictures

size of picture (reduce size of marble and screen so more complex pictures can be created. more marbles

Stretch goal


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