RTS game based on the famous warcraft serie

Copyright (C) 2021 Vinwcent


This game is the alpha of a small RTS which works with Gamecenter. You can already run it and play if you have an Apple developer account, two apple devices and two gamecenter account. Everything works online. I should release the complete version in December


The idea is to harvest ressources, build buildings and units and then attack your enemies. To make a peasant harvest the forest, wheat or if you want him to go to the mine, just tap on him to select him and then tap the place. He will automatically harvest it and drop things off in the nearest farm he can found. You can also select various units with a red ugly panSelector. There’s currently 3 units for Orcs and 3 for humans. Everything is pretty user-friendly and i’ve added a zoom option on the right


The idea behind this game is that I want various strategies to exist on it like destroying windmills so that enemies units die because of a lack of food or by destroying farms.

Last Update

  • Fog of war working on both devices

Next update

  • Wolves that make units bleed
  • Ambassadors that can recruit enemy units
  • Beautiful pan Selector
  • User friendly title Screen
  • Possibility to choose side (Human or orc) before the game


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