This is a sample code project for a slideout menu.



Menu Options

MenuItemModel contains the slideout menu options. You could create another model for additonal options near the the top of the menu.

Animation Modifier

I created a custom modifier AnimationModifier to reduce code. This has the bulk of the 3d modifiers to animate the view in ContentView.

Gesture Control

To increase or decrease edge detection update if gesture.startLocation.x < CGFloat(50.0). If you want to adjust how much a user needs to swipe you’ll need to adjust if offset.width > 115 in ContentView.swift

Presenting Sheets

I placed sheets within SlideOutMenuView.swift and have added one sheet as an example.

Other Notes

There is a .disabled modifier to disable ContentView when the menu appears otherwise the user could experience some weird behaviors if ContentView is still active.

Feel free to email me with any questions [email protected]


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