An Amazing Game of Blocks

We are starting the development of a new game. This is the first iteration, but there will be many others, so don’t consider this to be throw-away code.

The first iteration is targeting an MVP that will work as follows:

  • The player is presented with 25 empty squares. Every time that they touch a square, it becomes a coloured block.

  • If the square touched was on the bottom row, the block appears and stays where it is.

Project statuses

Task Status
Narrative 1 ⚪️
Narrative 2 ⚪️
Narrative 3 ⚪️

First Case

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BDD Specs

Story: Create a simple game

Narrative #1

As player, if the player touches a square on one of the upper rows, the new block appears and then falls down until it meets another block or gets to the bottom row.

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Narrative #2

If a block is falling in-between two blocks, the block will stop its fall, forming a bridge.

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Narrative #3

After 10 blocks have been placed, the game ends and the score is calculated : each block is worth 5 points, plus 5 points for each block below it. 10 points for each empty square below a block.

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