Convert ScreenData into basic Markdown

ScreenData to Markdown (SD2MD)

SD2MD is a Xcode Workspace to convert ScreenData into Markdown and CLI tool to either print or save the Markdown generated from the ScreenData.

Xcode Usage

All changes should be done insider the Markdown folder. Edit to what you want converted from ScreenData into Markdown.

import ScreenData

enum Workspace {
    enum MetadataKey: String {
        case date, description, tags
    static let post_metadata: [MetadataKey: String]? = [
        .date: "2022-02-2 20:22",
        .description: "...",
        .tags: ""
    static let post = SomeScreen(
        title: "[Draft] POST_NAME",
        someView: .vstack(


CLI Usage

USAGE: sd2-md [<output-path>]


  -h, --help              Show help information.


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