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ScheduledNotificationsViewController shows you all of your pending local notifications in one place, with all the information you need. Tapping on a notification will immediately trigger its delivery, making this small tool invaluable for debugging local notifications.

Built at Nice Photon. Maintainer: @dreymonde

Medium story here.

Scheduled Delivered Tap to trigger
Scheduled Scheduled Scheduled


  • See all scheduled notifications in one place: every notification includes content, next trigger date, an identifier and a category name.
  • Tap on a notification in a list to immediately trigger its delivery (you can test live how the notification will look). The “real” notification will still arrive in time!
  • Scroll down to see recently delivered notifications (tap “Show Delivered Notifications”)
  • Supports light and dark mode natively


import UIKit
import ScheduledNotificationsViewController

// ...somewhere in "Settings" screen:


let notificationsVC = ScheduledNotificationsViewController()
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(notificationsVC, animated: true)



Q: My scheduled notifications list is empty

A: Make sure you have granted notifications permissions to your app on your device. More here:  Asking Permission to Use Notifications

Q: I tap on a notification in a list, but nothing shows up

A: Make sure you’re using userNotificationCenter(_:willPresent:withCompletionHandler:) callback in your UNUserNotificationCenterDelegate. More here:  Handling Notifications and Notification-Related Actions (see section “Handle Notifications While Your App Runs in the Foreground”)


Swift Package Manager

  1. Click File → Swift Packages → Add Package Dependency.
  2. Enter


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