GPG Tap Notifier (for macOS)

GPG Tap Notifier is a Swift rewrite of klali/scdaemon-proxy for macOS.

What does it do?

This app provides reminders to touch your security devices (e.g. YubiKeys) on macOS through a native notification.

macOS Notification Screenshot

How does it work?

The gpg-agent and scdaemon tools currently lack a builtin mechanism to alert external processes when it’s waiting for human input to a smartcard.

Using a YubiKey as an example of a smartcard, a git commit triggers the following sequence of communication.

Flowchart of git commit and YubiKey communication

This tool takes the scdaemon portion and wraps its communication with gpg-agent. Specifically, gpg-agent is configured to execute the GpgTapNotifierAgent binary, which in turn executes scdaemon. Messages from gpg-agent are forwarded to scdaemon, and any 1 second delay from scdaemon‘s responses is assumed to be due to a user input requirement.

Flowchart of git commit and YubiKey with scdaemon proxy installed

Communication between scdaemon and the smartcard (YubiKey) happen as normal.

This technique was demonstrated to work reliably at klali/scdaemon-proxy. The tool here simply re-implements the logic in Swift and adds a configurational user interface to make setup easier. This version of the tool would not exist without the original. As such, we’ve retained licence copyrights to credit it where appropriate.


I’m seeing “signing failed: No SmartCard daemon” errors

If you see the following error:

gpg: signing failed: No SmartCard daemon
gpg: [stdin]: clear-sign failed: No SmartCard daemon

It’s likely the GPG Tap was moved after it was configured. This causes ~/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf to refer to a value of scdaemon-program that no longer exists on the file system. Opening GPG Tap and setting it back to Enabled it should fix this problem.

Does this work for Web Browsers?

It does not. YubiKeys support different interfaces and WebAuthn is a different interface than the OpenPGP interface. Fortunately this tool isn’t necessary for WebAuthn since most web browsers will tell you it’s waiting on input from a security key. (As opposed to git and gpg, which provide no indicators.)


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