Simple and fun to use iOS app made to make Augmented reality (AR) be in our daily life or at least a part of it.In this version of the app the dice which we tend to lose very easily is replaced by an AR dice which always stays in our pocket forever.

How to use

  • Point the iPhone’s camera on a horizontal surface.(Through view finder)
  • The app will automatically detect a horizontal plane and will place a horizontal grid on the surface.
  • So, yeah you’re good to go. That was it.
  • Touch inside the grid and you’ll get an AR Die with every tap.

App icon


  • You get two functional buttons on the top left and right.
  • One is delete button which deletes all the dice on the AR grid.
  • The other one is refresh button which spines all the dice.
  • You can put as many dice as you want
  • You’re the master of this app. Nothing more nothing less.

App Demo

ezgif com-gif-maker-2-2

ezgif com-gif-maker-3-2


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