Simple, keyboard-first, markdown note-taking for MacOS


Main Features

  • Global Hotkey: ⌘-⌥-N
  • Save Note: ⌘-S
  • Launch on Login (Optional)

Additional Features

  • Dismiss Popover: Esc
  • Open Note: ⌘-O

Install QuickDown (Apple Silicon)

  • Download latest release (QuickDown.zip) from releases
  • Unzip and drag QuickDown.app to your /Applications folder
  • Open QuickDown.app

Optional: Launch on Login

If you like having QuickDown around after logins, click on the gear bottom-right and check “Launch on Login”


As an avid Obsidian user and constant pen-paper note-taker, I often want to take a quick markdown note while working

  • without having to keep Obsidian running in the background
  • without having to switch to Obsidian to write
  • without having to leave my keyboard

To me, I want to “catch” notes all the time, while I want to connect and remix them in Obsidian only at specific moments.

None of the existing note-taking menu bar apps had what I needed. So I made my own that fits my needs perfectly.

  1. A single global hotkey ⌘-⌥-N opens the note popover
  2. A simple ⌘-S saves the note into my Obsidian vault
  3. A simple Esc dismisses the popover

Just a way to jot down a markdown note.

Nothing more, nothing less.


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