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Tutorial uploading XCode project on Github

How properly upload Xcode projects on Github Writing Github README Basic Markdown syntaxes Creating Links in Markdown Basic writing and formatting syntax

Some Xcode Swift UI basics

XCode->UI(user interface->publish app to App store->downloadable for users) Create a new Xcode project->IOS->App Setup project name/app name->Team as personal Apple ID->Organization name Organization Bundle identifier(unique ID of your app)->swift->leave everything else Unselected->create gitSource->create at a location Close the sidebars on two sides


iPhone 13,iPhone 12,iPhone 11

Content View

All the edition based on the file ContentView.swift screenshot Creating and highlighting code blocks in Specific Template

//design the overall background

Attach the attributes all behind the scopes(colors, frames, sizes, etc.) When it comes to user private info that need to be encrpted such as password, we use SecureField rather than using the regular TextFieldto encrypt the user input into black bullet points. NavigationLink{} allows us to redirect the authenticated and successfully logged in users to enter the user page, which is ShowingLoginScreen, allowing us to program the user login page. Append to set the navigationBarHidden to true to properly hide the navigation bar for better looking UI. For the UI background to be more compatible occupying the entire screen. Create the user authentication function after the navigation view. In the authentification function, use lowercased(...) method to not have case sensitive Then call the user authentication function in Button.

Run-Time Testing

Click the play button right next to preview on UI Click the play button again to switch temporary testing off if want to go back programming.

Method Running The Project

Download the project to local directory Xcode must be 13.4 and higher versions Compatible with MacOS Monterey 12.0 and higher versions

Initial Testing Result

Both username and password authenticated: screenshot 1.0.0 screenshot 1.0.1 Username is authenticated while password is not: screenshot 1.0.2 screenshot 1.0.3 Password is authenticated while username is not: screenshot 1.0.4 screenshot 1.0.5


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