Glassmorphic LogIn / SignUp

A mini swiftUI project showcasing a sleek and interactive login/signup view with a glassmorphic design.


  • Dynamic UI: A modern, glassmorphic UI design providing an elegant user experience.
  • Sign Up and Log In: Easily switch between sign-up and log-in modes.
  • Secure Entry: Password field for secure data entry.
  • Social Logins: Options to sign in with Gmail and Apple.
  • Colorful Gradients: Utilizes linear gradients for vibrant color combinations.
  • Dynamic Shapes: Incorporates dynamic shapes to enhance the visual appeal.

Videos and Demos

Custom TextFields Log In Toggle

Getting Started


  • Xcode (with SwiftUI support)
  • iOS Simulator or a physical iOS device


  • Clone or download the project.
  • Open the project in Xcode.
  • Build and run the project on the desired simulator or device.

Code Overview


  • Defines the main login/signup view.
  • Handles email and password input.
  • Allows users to switch between sign-up and log-in modes.


  • Custom view for stylized text input.
  • Takes a placeholder and binds text input.


  • Custom view for secure text input (password).
  • Takes a placeholder and binds text input.
  • Toggles text visibility.


  • Creates a glassmorphic effect view.
  • Optional: Can remove all filters for customization.


  • Custom UIVisualEffectView for the glassmorphic effect.
  • Initializes with specific blur style.
  • Handles trait collection changes.

Libraries Used

This project uses SwiftUI, Apple’s declarative framework for building user interfaces, and does not rely on any external libraries or dependencies.


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