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Footnote is a SwiftUI + Core Data app that I initially created as a personal learning project. Now, I’m open sourcing it as part of Hacktoberfest 2020. This project is specifically intended to support junior developers and developers who are new to SwiftUI and/or Open Source Software.

What the hell is open source?

This project is intended to be a place for beginners to learn what open source software is about. Terminology and jargon can be a barrier for many people new to open source software. A wonderful guide to all things open source can be found at Please don’t hesitate to reach out via email at [email protected], or twitter @cameronbardell. This is also my first time as a maintainer, so if you have any suggestions of how I can better facilitate this project, let me know.

Will my work be on the App Store? Will I get credited?

Yes and yes. The current version of the app is on the App Store here. At the end of October, I’ll submit version 2.0 with all the changes made during Hacktoberfest, and a contributors page with a link to the GitHub profile of everyone who helped out, with code or otherwise.

I have a feature request/bug report/question

Either create an issue, or contact me with the methods listed above. You can’t do anything wrong that can’t be easily fixed (that’s the magic of git and github) so don’t hesitate!


Please review before creating a PR.

Code of Conduct

Please review the Code of Conduct before interacting with this repository.