Swift 5.3 Xcode build @ACHelperApp @dimillian

You can now download the app on the App Store!

The best Animal Crossing New Horizons companion app!

最高の「あつまれ どうぶつの森」コンパニオンアプリ

Animal Crossing New Horizon SwiftUI application!


Important notes:

The project main branch is now updated to Xcode 12 beta 1.

There is a lot of SwiftUI issues that will be worked on as new betas arrive. For now it compile and will use the best & latest features of Swift 5.3 and SwiftUI.

If you want to compile using the stable version of Xcode (11), you can checkout the legacy branch. This is the branch used to ship the app on the App Store until iOS 14 is released.


This is a full featured Animal Crossing helper application written entirely in SwiftUI.

  • Configureable dashboard to track your fishes, bugs, collection progress, active events, daily tasks, todos and much more.
  • See the active critters this month and catch em all!
  • Music player for K.K. Slider’s songs – plays when app is in background!
  • Turnips price tracking and predictions with daily push notifications.
  • Turnip.exchange integration.
  • Nookazon integration.
  • Full catalog browser with filter, sorting and search.
  • Villagers list.
  • Bookmark anything in the app to add it to your collection.
  • Spotlight support for fishes, bugs, fossils and art
  • iCloud sync for collection progress, lists, tasks and todos.
  • Localized to English, French, German; Japanese and Chinese (TW) in progress – see #68 to help us extend localization to missing languages
  • iOS, iPad and macOS (Catalyst support)!

You can use this application to learn about SwiftUI and Combine. It uses a very standard view, and view model architecture with full use of @State, @Binding, @Published, Observed and Observable object.

Localizations Credits


This is just a very simple SwiftUI application, all the database hard work has been done on the master sheet by the community.

And u/Azarro made an awesome JSON API from that google sheet. (private for now).

As the API is private the app use a local dump of the API at the moment.

Thanks to Turnip.exchange for the turnips exchange API.

Thanks to ACNH API for the API that allow us to display villagers and their icons/images.

Thanks to Nookazon for item listings and trading platform.

Thanks to Shihab for the app icons.

Thanks to imthe666st for the repository with localized data.