Storage data for iOS simply.

Storage type can be File, NSUserDefaults and Keychain.


Swift Package Manager

Open the following menu item in Xcode:

File > Add Packages…

In the Search or Enter Package URL search box enter this URL:


Then, select the dependency rule and press Add Package.

? For further reference on SPM, check its official documentation.


Add a PropertyWrapper to current property to make it storable.

struct User: Codable {
    var id: Int
    var name: String

    static var `default`: Self { User(id: 0, name: "user0") }

struct Test {

    // Storage string.
    @MixStorable(wrappedValue: nil, key: .init("username_storage"))
    var username: String?

    // Storage codable struct.
    // Return the user that storaged in Keychain with key, otherwise set default user to Keychain and return it.
    @MixStorable(wrappedValue: .default, key: .init("user_storage"), mode: .keychain)
    var user: User

Only two powerful api you will use.

extension MixStorage.Key {
    static var akey: Self { .init("akey") }

// set
MixStorage.set(.akey, value: "testValue", mode: .file)

// get
let value = MixStorage.get(.akey, valueType: String.self, mode: .file)


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