Udin Adventure

Storytelling game that indirectly describe about types of mental disorder and how to treat people with mental disorder.


Mental health disorder is one of the root caused of many problems, like anxiety and depression Based on World health organization data, there’s 264 mil people troubled by anxiety and 322 mill troubled by depression in 2017. Not to mention, depression is a major contributor to suicide deaths, which account for nearly 800,000 suicides each year.

Mental health is often underestimated by society. Even school doesn’t teach us about mental health, our surroundings does. This keep happening because Indonesia itself still struggle to handle and educate people about mental health disorder. It’s not as simple as drug seminar or even sex education. It goes deeper than just a theory. And Indonesian society as a whole has not yet bought in to the fact that mental illness really exists. There are still too many people who feel that we should be able to dismiss whatever it is that troubles us. This creates a stigma in where a mental health disorder is simplified, misunderstood, and avoided

Stigma exists mainly because some people don’t understand mental illness, and also because some people have negative attitudes or beliefs towards it. Even some mental health professionals have negative beliefs about the people they care for. There are a lot of social stigmas about mental health disorder like “Mental health is caused by supernatural beings” or “Mental health cannot be cured”. Because of this stigmas those who has mental health disorder problem worsen and harder to recover because the fear of being stigmatized.

One way to break the social stigma is to educate the children about mental health disorder through game.

According to child and adolescent psychologist Ms. Vera Itabiliana Hadiwidjojo, S.Psi, all children are born in an open-minded state, they absorb anything, try anything, have free thinking about anything / imagine etc. Children can learn the abstract properties of causal relationships using only a handful of events. Moreover, children were more likely than adults to generalize the unusual conjunctive relationship, suggesting that they are less biased by prior assumptions and pay more attention to current evidence.

Games as a means of education can further stimulate children’s curiosity. Especially Visual Novel type game whose main framework is a story whose plot is determined by the user, it will cause curiosity from children (users). Games are also a safe place for children to simulate their actions / expressions on a topic. Children can balance real situations that they might encounter without any risk in a game, and with the repetition system they can unconsciously learn and shape their mindset about certain topics contained in the game content. Special topics How to identify and treat people with mental disorders.

App Features

Interactive and educational gameplay

Get to know better about mental health disorders by exploring the stigma of real-world conditions. You can walk around and interact with objects and people.

Choose your story

You’ll get to pick your own story based on your decision and interaction. There are multiple endings with hidden messages to explore.

How to run

  1. clone / download this project
  2. open UdinGame.xcodeproj in xcode
  3. build and run this project


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