Today App

Based on the iOS App Dev Today tutorial


Starting point for developing my own reminder app, as I keep having issues with the built-in one.

Reminder Issues to Fix

  • Diangose/Fix crashing of iCloud Reminder web app (if possible)
  • Add status categories to reminders [Completed, Archived, In-Progress, Skipped, Not Started, Shattered Dreams, etc]
  • Status categories may need more structure (i.e., Done includes Completed and Skipped) … to investigate
  • Investigate if Today app supports recurring reminders add support if it doesn’t
  • Other potential features
    • Task/Reminder dependencies
    • Nagging for certain reminders
    • Track start/complete times, Track in-progress
    • Cool Analytics


I need to investigate if there are any licenses attached to the original tutorial.
Right now this app is only for my personal use.

ToDos/Gotchas from tutorial

  • Button Style (set in Attribute Inspector) needs to be “default” in order for the programmatic background changes to take effect (i.e. filling in the circle based on whether the task was complete or not)
  • See inline comments in the code too


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