I have been making iOS games with Swift, SceneKit, and SpriteKit since 2015 when I was in high school. After working on over a hundred projects, I have accumulated abundant experience and created many modules that can easily speed up the development process. Here, I want to share some of my best modules. They are embedded in my released games, so I am confident about their competence. If you happen to be a Swift game developer, I bet you will find some of the modules helpful. I will introduce more modules when they are thoroughly tested after I release more games in the future.

Getting Started

No installation is required. Directly drag the swift files you want to use into your Xcode project, and you are good to go!


  1. Data Storage – Create simple data structures for local and iCloud data storage.
  2. Line Segment Trail – Create trails for moving objects like rockets and swords, with or without interpolations.
  3. Skeletal Animation – Load and play skeletal animations with easy control and blending.
  4. IAP Manager – A simple module that helps you handle in-app purchases and restorations.

More modules are coming soon!

About & License

Developed by Kelin.Lyu. Licensed under the MIT license.


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