TealeafDebug-SP is the Swift Package for Tealeaf that is a customer behavioral analytics SDK as documented here

Getting Started

Step 1

In XCode, go to File and select Swift Packages

Step 2

Then add Swift Package to corresponding Project

Step 3

Add github repo url to where the Swift Package exists

Step 4

Add corresponding version

Step 5

Select correct Target to add Swift Package


You need to have XCode 12.x that supports Swift Packages to use this item. Otherwise use https://github.com/acoustic-analytics/Tealeaf
For SDK prerequisites and documentation, please refer to the SDK documentation here


If you are using Debug version, then you may edit your project's scheme in XCode and add environmental variable EODebugand set its value to 1; also add environmental variable TLF_DEBUG and set its value to 1. This will make the SDK to start writing debug logs to your xcode console window. If and when you want to report issues, the Tealeaf support engineers will ask you for these logs.