SwiftUI Airbnb Pro is a SwiftUI-based clone of the popular Airbnb app, offering users a delightful experience for discovering and booking vacation rentals. Developed using SwiftUI, Xcode 15, and iOS 17, this app combines stunning visuals, intuitive navigation, and a seamless user interface to provide a top-tier exploration platform for vacation rentals.







Key Features:

  1. Property Browsing:

    • Users can explore a diverse selection of vacation rentals, each with unique features and amenities.
  2. Location-Based Filtering:

    • The app allows users to filter properties based on location, enabling quick and efficient searches for rentals in specific regions or cities.
  3. Interactive Maps:

    • Property locations are visualized on interactive maps, empowering users to plan their travel itinerary and make informed decisions.
  4. Stunning Design:

    • SwiftUI Airbnb Pro boasts a beautiful and user-friendly design, created with SwiftUI, to provide an immersive and visually appealing experience.

Technological Stack:

  • SwiftUI: The app leverages SwiftUI, Apple's modern declarative UI framework, to build responsive and visually engaging user interfaces.
  • Xcode 15: Developed using Xcode 15, the latest version of Apple's integrated development environment (IDE), providing enhanced features and tools for iOS app development.
  • iOS 17: Built for iOS 17, the app takes advantage of the latest iOS version, ensuring compatibility with the newest features and optimizations.


  • SwiftUI Airbnb Pro showcases innovation by replicating the functionality and design of a widely-used app, Airbnb, using SwiftUI. The adoption of SwiftUI, Xcode 15, and iOS 17 reflects a commitment to incorporating the latest technologies and design principles for an exceptional user experience.


  • The development of SwiftUI Airbnb Pro highlights the capabilities of SwiftUI in creating sophisticated and visually appealing interfaces. By emulating the Airbnb app, the project serves as both a learning resource and an inspiration for SwiftUI enthusiasts and iOS developers seeking to enhance their UI design skills.