SwiftUI app for iOS

© Dudau Vlad-George & Mindrescu Albert-Codrin @ FMI Gr. 332


  • Codable implementation and usage of three web requests for getting weather data, nearby locations data and country componency of a place
  • Video streaming an online fetched video for About viewpage
  • UITableView equivalent in SwiftUI for weather display
  • UITabViewController equivalent in SwiftUI for main ContentView() tabmenu
  • UIActivityViewController equivalent in SwiftUI for implementing share button of link to our github repo
  • Local notifications to remind user to check out app often
  • Apple Maps and usage of overlays and pins
  • Existence of three complex animations implemented by transitions and animations in SwiftUI equivalent to UIView.animate
  • UI looks good on landscape mode
  • WebKit equivalent for implementing browser to our github repo



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