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Hi All👋🏻 I took a cool course SwiftUI Combine and Data and want to share what I learned ✍️ I learned how:

  • to create trackable scroll view by using ScrollView, GeometryReader and PreferenceKey 🔧
  • to use Link to open a web page in Safari 🔗
  • to load and decode data from a JSON file 📝
  • to create view extensions 🔮
  • to install Firebase and Firestore 🗂
  • to fetch data from Firestore 📚
  • to setup Firebase Cloud Message and Apple Push Notification service 📣
  • to configure Notifications in AppDelegate 📩
  • to observe the ScenePhase change 📲
  • to make my application more performant with a lite mode option and verify the user’s network connection 🌐

It was an interesting activity to make an application using all these skills 😊 Design by: Stephanie Diep 💪 If you ❤️ it, just press “L” Good luck ✨


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