SwiftUI – Annimation

Animations are a way of fascinate the users of your application. Thorugh the annimations user can come accorss the smooth and friendly experience of the application

Have you thought of doing animation using UIKit then probably it will demand for the complex logic and code set up but SwiftUI make it trouble – free. SwiftUI handled all the complexity and create a animation view.

Let’s see some of the serviceable and applicable animation solution which can be used during application development

FlipAnimation : CardFlipAnimation

Drag and drop the CardFlipAnimation file and use it like below

var results = [UserModel(name: "Pish Patel",   color1: "Color-9", color2: "Color-10"),
               UserModel(name: "Anita Bath",   color1: "Color-1", color2: "Color-2"),
               UserModel(name: "Bea Mine",     color1: "Color-1", color2: "Color-2")]

CardFlipAnimation(arrModel: results)

withAnimation(Animation.linear(duration: 0.5)) {


  • iOS 13.0+
  • Xcode 12.5+

TinderSwipe : TinderAnimation

Use the file TinderAnimation and use it like

let userProfiles: UserProfiles = Bundle.main.decode("userProfiles.json")
TinderAnimation(userProfiles: userProfiles)

.gesture(gesture: Gesture)
.rotationEffect(angle: Angle)
.animation(animation: Animation)


  • iOS 15.0+
  • Xcode 13.0+

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