SwiftUI:Using Shape & Path to Draw Taiwan Meme Cat

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Using SwiftUI’s Shape & Path to draw sticker「Taiwan Meme Cat」from Instagram:@taiwanmemecat


  1. Download this Repository
  2. Change Color

SwiftUI|Download this Repository

You sould download this repository first, and open it using Xcode.

SwiftUI|Change Color

If you would like to custom your own cat, you could follow the following step to change color!

Cat’s Color

Line 4153627490102 of ContentView.swift

change .fill(Color(red: 220/256, green: 220/256, blue: 220/256))
to .fill(Color(red: 254/256, green: 250/256, blue: 231/256))

Cat’s Spot & Whiskers

Line 158 & 163 of ContentView.swift

change .fill(Color(red: 148/256, green: 148/256, blue: 148/256))
to .fill(Color(red: 236/256, green: 210/256, blue: 141/256))

And you’ll get a yellow cat!

SwiftUI|License:© Ricky Chuang

This package is licensed under MIT license. See LICENSE for details.


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