SwiftUIBootstrap Project

This project provides an insight on how to write start a project with SwiftUI

Below are the items that are covered in this project
  • SwiftUI Basic UI for Login and Profile Display
  • MVVM Architecture
  • Realm Database
  • Alamofire Network Layer
  • Repository Pattern to handle server and local data
  • Unit Testing on all layers

Project Structure

  • SwiftUIBootStrap
    • SwiftUIBootStrap
    • SwiftUIBootStrapApp
    • AppDelegate
    • Base
      • Base contains all the base protocols and implementations for network and database layers
    • Extensions
      • All extensions are placed with proper file name of the extension type are placed in this folder
    • Constants
      • All constants including Strings, Colors, Fonts and other constants that are being used in the application are placed in this folder
    • Custom View Modifiers
      • While using SwiftUI we might need to entertain some custom modifiers so these modifiers are placed in this folder
    • Configurations
      • Envoirnments are configured in this folder and descision will be taken on runing schemes
    • Modules
      • Project is divided into smallers modules based on their bussiness logic like Authentication, Home Screens, Profile etc and placed inside this folder.
        • Views
          • All views in a modules are placed in this folder forexample authentication contains login screen, sign up screen, forgot password screen so all of them are considered as one module
        • ViewModel
          • Every views view model is placed in here and is responsible of interacting with Repository
        • Models
          • Models of that module are placed in here
        • Repository
          • Repo
            • Repository is responsible of comminucating with Service and Database and response back to View Model
          • Service
            • Service is responsible of communicating with the remote server and returned mapped data back
          • Database
            • Database is responsible of communicating with local database and returned response back to repo

###Architecture Diagram
alt text


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