An important update ! From a Reddit user (pengo-san) that commented on my thread for this… they found the following blog entry that you should read if you are needing more than what my solution offers.

SwiftUI’s Color object is not codable – and therefore not easy to store. This makes it simple by allowing you to store a Color using Color.description and then recreating the Color using this function as an extension to Color

Simple to use…

Add this to any of your apps .swift files – outside of any structs or classes

Save a Color to a String using Color.description (this even works with the different Color.description obtained from ColorPicker and by using Color enums such as Color.Pink) You can also manually create a color string using the format “#rrggbboo” where the initial # is required, then the rr, gg, bb and oo are hexadecimal numbers for Red, Green, Blue and Opacity components.

Recreate the Color from the stored String using Color.fromString()


var myColorString: String = “#C0C0C0FF” var myColorObj: Color = .clear var myPink: String = var pinkColorObj: Color = .clear

in code… myColorObj = Color.fromString(myColorString) //Returns a Color that is gray (rgba = C0C0C0FF) pinkColorObj = Color.fromString(myPink) //Returns a Color equal to

you can now use a Color.description String in structs (and classes) and make the struct Codable… you can also store Colors in CoreData as a string

Please feel free to make this better and share it with me !


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