HelloFresh Dev Team – Mobile iOS Developer Test

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to try our iOS test. The goal of the test is to assess your coding and design skills.

Note: While we love open source here at HelloFresh, please do not create a public repo with your test in! This challenge is only shared with people interviewing, and for obvious reasons, we’d like it to remain this way.


The app that you will write will have to load a json file that includes recipes, and then displays them on the screen, allowing the user to select up to 5 recipes.
We provided a template project to help you start, you can modify it however you feel necessary.


  • Clone this repo.
  • Create a new dev branch.
  • Write the data models.
  • Write a service that loads and parses the json file.
  • Build a single view application that shows a list of recipes loaded using the service you wrote.
  • Add selection/deselection functionality.
  • Cover the service and the recipe selection code with unit tests.

General Requirements

  • Swift + UIKit required (no ObjC, SwiftUI or any cross-platform solutions)
  • Handle errors while loading the json file.
  • Try to keep the commits small.
  • Write meaningful commit messages.
  • Please consider Clean Code Principles.
  • Enrich the code with comments and include clear instructions.
  • No reactive frameworks (RxSwift, Combine, etc)
  • No CoreData.
  • The recipes should look similar to the following:



Tips on How to Tackle the test

  • We don’t expect you to invest more than 4 hours on this task.
  • Schedule a specific time to tackle the test.
  • Please treat this as a production code and feel free to choose design patterns you are comfortable with.
  • Be well rested and choose a quiet place with no interruptions.
  • Read the instructions and requirements carefully, and feel free to ask any questions.