iOS Swift 5.6 Metal 2.4 Swift Playgrounds 4.1 License: MIT

This package contains MetalSnapshotTaker class that allows taking snapshots of arbitrary sizes from an MTKView subclass with minimal alterations in it’s code. Usable in SwiftUI context and outputs an image in one of these formats: UIImage, CGImage, Image.

How to Use

Create an instance of MetalSnapshotTaker either in your MTKView or in UIViewRepresentable that holds it. Call the update method (this can be done from Coordinator’s init) passing an instance of MTLDevice, and references to draw, and mtkView methods of you MTKView subclass. The last one only needed if you use it to modify rendering, in which case the setCurrentSize shoud be called from it.


An example Swift Playgrounds app: MetalSnapshotTaker example



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