The easiest way to use Whisper in Swift

Easily add transcription to your app or package. Powered by whisper.cpp.



Add https://github.com/exPHAT/SwiftWhisper.git in the “Swift Package Manager” tab.

Swift Package

Add SwiftWhisper as a dependency in your Package.swift file:

let package = Package(
  dependencies: [
    // Add the package to your dependencies
    .package(url: "https://github.com/exPHAT/SwiftWhisper.git", branch: "master"),
  targets: [
    // Add SwiftWhisper as a dependency on any target you want to use it in
    .target(name: "MyTarget",
            dependencies: [.byName(name: "SwiftWhisper")])


API Documentation.

All audio must be 16kHz audio frames

import SwiftWhisper

let whisper = Whisper(fromFileURL: /* Model file URL */)
let segments = try await whisper.transcribe(audioFrames: /* 16kHz PCM audio frames */)

print("Transcribed audio:", segments.map(\.text).joined())

Delegate methods

protocol WhisperDelegate {
  // Progress updates as a percentage from 0-1
  func whisper(_ aWhisper: Whisper, didUpdateProgress progress: Double)

  // Any time a new segments of text have been transcribed
  func whisper(_ aWhisper: Whisper, didProcessNewSegments segments: [Segment], atIndex index: Int)
  // Finished transcribing, includes all transcribed segments of text
  func whisper(_ aWhisper: Whisper, didCompleteWithSegments segments: [Segment])

  // Error with transcription
  func whisper(_ aWhisper: Whisper, didErrorWith error: Error)


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