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License: GPL v3

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Creating libkiwix.xcframework

Instructions to build kiwix-lib at on the kiwix-build repo.

The xcframework is a bundle of a library for multiple architectures and/or platforms. The libkiwix.xcframework will contain libkiwix library for macOS arch and for iOS. You don’t have to follow steps for other platform/arch if you don’t need them.

Following steps are done from kiwix-build root and assume your apple repository is at ../apple.

Build kiwix-lib

git clone
cd kiwix-build
# if on macOS mojave (10.14), install headers to standard location
open /Library/Developer/CommandLineTools/Packages/macOS_SDK_headers_for_macOS_10.14.pkg
# make sure xcrun can find SDKs
sudo xcode-select --switch /Applications/
# [iOS] build kiwix-lib
kiwix-build --target-platform iOS_multi kiwix-lib
# [macOS] build kiwix-lib
kiwix-build --target-platform native_static kiwix-lib

Create fat archive with all dependencies

This creates a single .a archive named libkiwix which contains all libkiwix’s dependencies.
If you are to create an xcframework with multiple architectures/platforms, repeat this step for each:

  • native_static (for macOS – x86_64)
  • iOS_x86_64
  • iOS_arm64

You’ll have to do it for both iOS archs although you built it using multi.

libtool -static -o BUILD_<target>/INSTALL/lib/libkiwix.a BUILD_<target>/INSTALL/lib/*.a

Add fat archive to xcframework

xcodebuild -create-xcframework -library BUILD_<target>/INSTALL/lib/libkiwix.a -headers BUILD_<target>/INSTALL/include -output ../apple/Model/libkiwix.xcframework

You can now launch the build from Xcode and use the iOS simulator or your macOS target.

Building Kiwix iOS or Kiwix macOS

  • Open project with Xcode open Kiwix.xcodeproj
  • Change the App groups (in Capabilities) and Bundle Identifier for both iOS and Bookmarks targets
    • App Group must be different and unique (ex:
    • iOS Bundle Identifier must be different and unique (ex:
    • Bookmarks Bundle Identifier must be a child of iOS one (ex:
    • ⚠ if you are using a regular (non-paying) Apple Developer Account, you are limited in the number of App IDs you can use so be careful not to fumble much with those.
  • Change the Signing profile to your account.


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