With the release of Jamf Pro 10.36, a new API endpoint was added, which allows you to distribute a QuickAdd.pkg to the macOS client to re-deploy the Jamf Framework. Under the hood, its using the InstallEnterpriseApplication MDM command.

The Jamf Framework Redeploy utility will allow you to easily call this API, and re-deploy the Jamf Framework for a selected computer. app


  • A Mac running macOS Venture (13.0)
  • Jamf Pro Account that has the following minimum persmissions
    • Send Computer Remote Command to Install Package
    • Read – Computers
  • The Apple MDM Framework has to be still present on the Mac
  • The serial number of the effect Mac

If successful, within the management history of that device you should see a InstallEnterpriseApplication MDM command.



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