My First iOS App


This is my first iOS App from my CSSE337 Enterprise Mobile Apps class for college. Here was the objective of the assignment:

The primary goal of this assignment is develop an app to list all K-12 schools in New Jersey and have the user enter a rating for schools. The app should be modeled similar to NJ Cities demo app presented in class – Use of 2 MVCs, (1) a list MVC using UITableViewController to list the schools and (2), a details MVC using UIViewController to show school details (name, type of school, address, city, phone number, current ratings) at the top in a UITableView, and an option to update the ratings using UISliderView at the bottom A Singleton Model should be used across two MVCs so the ratings changes in details MVC will be reflected in the list MVC.


The purpose of this app is to list all of the schools in New Jersey and assign ratings to chosen schools. A UITableViewController displays the data read from a JSON file. Clicking on a school in the list segues to a UIViewController that holds the details of the school and allows the user to update the school’s rating.


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