SideMenu – SwiftUI


Swift Package Manager

Open Xcode, go to File -> Swift Packages -> Add Package Dependency and enter as Branch main

You need to add import SideMenu


Without 3D effect With 3D effect

  • initilize SideMenuView with available parameters

    isMenuOpen: $isMenuOpen,
    tabs: tabs, // add your [MenuTabModel]
    selectedTab: $selectedTab, //initial selectedTab
    backColor: $backColor,     //acces view placeholder background
    backImage: "airplane",     //add your background image! Default value is airplane
    selectionColor: .purple,
    blurRadius: 32,            // add blur radius for image default value is 32
    enable3D: true //enable/disable 3D effect
) {
    if selectedTab.title == "Home" {
        TabOne(isMenuOpen: $isMenuOpen, backColor: $backColor)
    }else if selectedTab.title == "Profile" {
        TabTwo(isMenuOpen: $isMenuOpen, backColor: $backColor)
    }else if selectedTab.title == "Settings" {
        TabThree(isMenuOpen: $isMenuOpen, backColor: $backColor)
  • Example tabs array
let tabs = [MenuTabModel(title: "Home", imageName: "house"),MenuTabModel(title: "Profile", imageName: "person"),MenuTabModel( title: "Settings", imageName: "gear")]

@State var isMenuOpen:Bool = true
@State var selectedTab:MenuTabModel = MenuTabModel(title: "Home", imageName: "house")
@State var backColor =

Want to try library quickly?

  • Paste HomeView.swift file to your project and see UI on preview


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