Thread-safe access to a lazily retrieved value, with optional validity checking


Swift’s Structured Concurrency provides many primitives, but lacks higher-level mechanics such as serial queues. This package is an investigation into how to reimplement that.

A recent Twitter thread inspired the investigation:

Swift Twitter, help me, you’re my only hope:
With Swift Concurrency, is there an equivalent to a dispatch serial queue,
i.e. something on which @Sendable () async -> Void operations can be enqueued, and which executes them serially?


Locally cache an auth token, providing concurrent access, lazy fetching, and re-fetching if no longer valid.

  • Using an actor for thread-safety
  • Generic over a Value
  • Has a single getter method/property to get an up to date Value
  • The value is fetched by a caller-defined async function
  • Lazily fetch the first value upon first request
  • While fetching, all subsequent requests must also await the fetch value
  • Once fetched, cache it in-memory for faster performance in subsequent requests
  • Include a way to invalidate the locally cached value, requiring the value to be re-fetched if invalid
  • No concurrency warnings!


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