ToDo List – Planner ?✔️

Maintain your daily tasks or everything that you have to do. Application is helpful in planning your daily schedules. You can also mark the priority of each item:

  • ? low
  • ? medium
  • ? high

You can mark the task as completed ✔️ (by swiping from left to right). ➡️All completed tasks are saved in Completed section. If you want to delete a task ❌, you can do so by swiping from right to left.⬅️


  • Active items
  • Completed items
  • Add new item
  • Delete item
  • Mark item as completed

Server and database

I have created a server using the Python programming language, specifically the Flask framework and a database where are all tasks stored. The application sends requests to that server (GET, POST, DELETE).

Languages and Tools:

swift python flask git mysql postman

UIKit framework, MVC pattern, Xcode IDE


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