Todo List meeting Pomodoro timer

I will follow this 3 steps logic:

  • Build the most simple Todo List possible;
  • Add timer to it;
  • Add custom notifications using CloudKit.

I will add bd when or if I need it. I will try to concentrate on getting the app up and running first, improve it later.

How it looks like

6th of January:

Screenshot 2023-01-06 at 19 36 48 211086146-9cbd3254-3cd6-4a0a-8e8b-e80b892baf0c

Credits and acknowledgements

The first part of building this app will be going through the Swiftful Thinking tutorial: SwiftUI Todo List

In the next parts I will use multiple sources. I will credit them as we go.

But I want to pay tribute to the Hacking with Swift and Stack Overflow beforehand, I will def go there more than one time.

Wish me luck!


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